Designed With Purpose: Understanding Fertility Awareness & NFP

All single, engaged, or married couples 21+ are invited to learn more and ask questions about Fertility Awareness & Natural Family Planning (NFP), the science that supports it, and why the Church teaches NFP is morally acceptable. 

Find answers to important questions about…

  • What is Fertility Awareness & NFP?
  • What are the various methods of Fertility Awareness & NFP
  • Why is Fertility Awareness & NFP important to women, couples, and the Church: the blessings and challenges
  • Resources to learn more and take the next step


Refreshments will be provided.

 Sponsored by The Fertility Awareness and NFP Task Force for the Diocese of Allentown

 Date & Time: Sunday, December 11, 2022, 5:00-8:00pm

 Location: St. Thomas More, Discipleship Room, 1040 Flexer Avenue, Allentown

 Cost: free

 Audience: 21+ (Open to all adults wishing to learn more)

Future Dates: Most Blessed Sacrament, Bally, February 19; Church of St. Patrick, Pottsville, April 30)

 For questions or more info: Kristin Osenbach,, 610-866-0581 x2035

Registration below is required below by December 5.